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Lord Barnett says Barnett Formula "dangerous and unfair".

Barnett formula could split UK, says the man himself - Scotsman.com News
THE man behind the financial formula that results in Scotland getting £1,600 more per head than England yesterday warned it could result in the break-up of the UK.
Lord Barnett told a new investigation into his 30-year-old formula for distributing government expenditure that it was dangerous and unfair.
He said the system had created a situation where an "astute politician" at Holyrood could use Scotland's extra cash to adopt policies such as scrapping prescription charges or student fees – which the SNP has done – and create jealousy and resentment among English voters.

Lord Barnett is the only politician astute and brave enough to point out the deliberate English baiting by the SNP.


In the following, should a comma appear before or after the word "lord" -

Good Lord Barnett

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