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How Alcohol Policy is Made

Official: children must not drink a drop - Health News, Health & Wellbeing - The Independent

All children should be guaranteed an alcohol-free childhood, parents will be told by the Government today....
In his guidance, Sir Liam will say that an alcohol-free upbringing is best for a child's brain development.
The guidance is to be turned into a leaflet offering advice and information. However, mindful of accusations the Government is acting as a "nanny state", and would be unable to enforce the recommendation, ministers will consult on the proposal beforehand. Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrats' health spokesman, said: "The danger with the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines is that they fly so much in the face of reality that one questions whether they will be taken seriously"

Couldn't say it better myself: Reading on I looked for the evidence behind this move. The only learned opinion The Independent comes up with is this;

Meanwhile, others argue that the UK should adopt the policy of some European countries where children are introduced to diluted wine or small amounts of alcohol to demystify its appeal. Margaret Morrissey, the spokeswoman for the Parents Outloud pressure group, said she was behind the Government's aim. "I feel they shouldn't be drinking until that age," she said.
"The dilemma is that – unless you introduce them slowly to drinking – when they do start at 15 or 16 they go absolutely ballistic – so maybe there is something to be said for what happens in France where you can get diluted wine for youngsters.
"However, if the Government is really serious about it, it should ban alcohol from supermarkets and go back to just having it available from off-licences which can be more regulated."

But then it seems the Indy just copied that of Ms Morrissey's blog from last month. And her blog seems to be the only sign of existence of this pressure group. I can' find any sign of meetings, how to join or any other members, strange that....


I'm afraid she's an astro-turf rent-a-gob. "One of the parents' leaders famously dubbed "Neanderthals" by former Education Secretary John Patten in a BBC radio broadcast has been given an OBE in the Prime Minister's New Year Honours list. The honour to Margaret Morrissey, spokeswoman and former president of the National Confederation of Parent-Teacher Associations is likely to be seen as an attempt to repair relations with parent organisations, which deteriorated during Mr Patten's two-year tenure at the Department for Education."

Did you really expect anything else?

"Parents Outloud" appears merely to be the name of her blog.

Is it legal to home-brew in the UK? With the tax and regulations, why bother buying? Brewing beer and wine is a fast growing hobby here in the US.

That Liam Donaldson is a bloody menace. Any time there's a scintilla of enjoyment to be had in an activity, up pops the prod-nosed moral guardian, shroud-waving for all he's worth. Doctors should confine their business to doling out pills and fixing me when I fall over in a drunken stupor. He is a blot on the political landscape who could profitably be kicked in the balls and told to sling his hook

The supermarket checkout is the one place where underage youngsters are almost sure to be challenged if they try to buy alcohol. Everyone in the store would be able to see if kids were getting away with anything.

There is an off-license near my house, where they sell the stuff to the underage kids from the back door. That is what they should be tackling. But the police seem strangely reluctant to get involved.

Apparently Sir Liam missed the episode of Silent Witness in which it was explained at great length that the human body itself produces alcohol. A bit more readily for a time after death, but yes, while alive as well. Is he going to ban this consumption as well?

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