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Gordon's Message to The Country

Gordon Brown: All Britain needs is confidence in itself - Telegraph

Gordon Brown has issued a passionate appeal to the British people for optimism in the face of the economic downturn, insisting that confidence will see the country through the deepening recession.


One is reminded of the Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned and then who embarked on series of publicly funded projects thereafter.

"The economic policy of Nero is a point of debate among scholars. According to ancient historians, Nero's construction projects were overly extravagant and the large number of expenditures under Nero left Italy "thoroughly exhausted by contributions of money" with "'the provinces ruined.'"

Nero fiddling the taxes, more like. Watching Brown flog the public coffers reminds me of the opening scenes of "The Pure Hell Of St Trinians" - those ghastly girls burning down their school for the sheer wanton hell of it. The only thing in which I have confidence is that soon he'll be gone.

Well as our leader he must inspire confidence - and he doesn't.

I'd be a lot more confident if he wasn't in control.

I wish I could share that confidence (that he'll be gone soon).

If there is one thing that impresses me about the man is his capacity for self preservation. Where is Arthur Scargill when you need him?

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