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Will the Pawl hold?

Wildcat oil strikes: Europeans are finally waking up to the demise of democracy - Telegraph

Angry people across the EU are discovering the fine print in all the treaties signed by their leaders, says Janet Daley.

One of the most frightening thoughts about Europe is that as the ratchet has been tightening there will only be one way for it to loosen. Not by gentle unwinding but by smashing the pawls.

(Pawl? You know your mechanics, its the finger that pushes or pulls and holds the gear wheel, which together with it makes up a ratchet....)


Damn... and I thought you used "pawls" to represent faceless, unelected bureaucrats. Or did you, and I just haven't had enough coffee yet?

A-pawling we will go...hi-ho the derry-o!

The trouble here with the (largely unconscious)Lincoln fantasies surrounding President Obama is that THIS time, if the b-st-rds start shooting and snapping off gears and things, it will be in ALL directions at once....

Appalling all-in-all.

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