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Let's pray for some Global Warming otherwise nobody will ever work again

Snow: Councils and transport chiefs blamed for fiasco - Telegraph

As London ground to a virtual standstill Mayor Boris Johnson also faced questions over the inability of the capital's infrastructure to cope with six inches of snow.
Mr Johnson admitted London did not have enough snow ploughs to keep the roads clear and defended the decision to suspend all bus services, which left thousands of angry commuters stranded.
It was the first time in living memory that all London buses have been stopped, something which didn't even happen during the Blitz.

Snow: Schools, airports, motorways and railways all closed - Telegraph

Up to 1ft of snow fell in parts of the south east and the Pennines while most of the country was blanketed in at least four inches of it.

Business leaders fear that the disruption could cost the British economy at least £1.2 billion in lost trade.

Pafuckingthetic, in fact embarrassing. Four inches of snow and the whole country comes to a halt, apart from the self-employed who stayed working.....

Snow exposes the public sector's instinct to give up - Telegraph

there is a significant difference now to the way things used to be. The very first instinct in the public sector these days is to give up, rather than to battle with the elements, almost certainly because of "health and safety" considerations. In London yesterday, schools were closed even though most teachers and pupils live within walking distance; and, although a few routes opened later in the day, during the rush hour all the buses remained in their garages. Not even the Luftwaffe stopped the capital's buses. It should have been possible to run a reduced service.
Outside London, it was especially galling for people who wanted, and who tried, to get to work to find that the transport system had simply ground to a halt. Nobody expected it to run normally given the conditions; but is it really acceptable that it hardly functioned at all?


Someone is trying to confuse weather and climate!

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