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Adam Smith's Biggest Fan

Chinese PM reveals policy enlightened by works of Adam Smith - The Scotsman
At a press conference yesterday, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, described Mr Wen as an "expert on the Scottish Enlightenment" ...
Renowned for being an "eclectic reader", Mr Wen is said to travel the world with a copy of Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments, which lays out the moral underpinnings for governing societies and market economies.
So taken is he with Scottish Enlightenment thinking that he recently referred to two of Smith's main works in an interview with the CNN news network. Critics say Mr Wen sees no contradiction between running a 21st-century dictatorship and espousing the work of a Scottish liberal philosopher.

Sometimes you wonder if Adam Smith is getting to be a bit like the Old Testament where whatever you want to believe a suitable quote can be found. I wonder if he will bung the ASI a few Yuan to help them spread the word....


At least we now know for sure that he thinks our modern Britich "gumboot" diplomacy is despicable.

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