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There's Snow Business Like Snow Business

Harry Haddock asks; show me a cost / benefit analysis of providing an extreme weather capable infrastructure that will only be used once every 18 years against the proven cost of a day off work to the taxpayer

Well here's an idea that used to work eighteen years ago when we last had snow. Every autumn the council would ring round builders, forestry workers, farmers, anyone who might have a big bucket loader and say, "If it snows, we'll give you a call and you can go out and clear the roads and we will pay you x an hour, OK?"
First sign of snow and the go signal, every man jack of a loader driver was out there, me included. Capital cost to the council, zero. Standby costs, zero. If it didn't snow, no charge. Of course such an unregulated approach can't work now, so all those JCBs sat idle on abandoned building sites in London stayed idle whilst the roads remained blocked.


And the Council considered you capable of shifting snow despite not having attended diversity training? Amazing!

Health and Safety would never permit it.

Another thought - follow the money. I live in New England, where snow is not unknown (Canadians may scoff, but we do get snow - thank you, "Montreal Express" storms). During one particularly bad one some years back, I managed to get to a local store for perishables over unplowed roads, to find the store's parking area snow-free. The store manager said the National Guard had come by and done it, but the local and State governments would not allow the Guard to plow roads. Seems there were a lot of "my second cousin has a utility vehicle and a plow" contracts let by local givernments and it did not matter that the cousin could not escape his own drive unless someone else (the Guard?) plowed so he could go do others...

How would the freeloaders of the public sector get extra days off if the roads were clear?

Think of the cost in high visibility vests you'd need. Then there's the three-year course in snow clearance at the University of Chippenham. How could you possibly ever get enough qualified and properly dressed people together? Best leave it to the professionals. Snow clearance is no job for amateurs and part timers.

And may I also take this opportunity to say that that this snow did not originate in Britain but was created in the United States of America, caused by weather systems outside this government’s control. Of course we are doing everything we can to help hard-working families and businesses through these severe conditions and we will continue to take the right long-term decisions so that we can emerge from this snow as quickly as possible. But I should also point out that the snow we have here is not as bad as the snow in other countries and I believe we are well placed for when the snow eventually thaws.

What's with the bogus ad claiming you've 'fallen behind' Canada?

You've always been behind Canada. You cannot even see Canada's arse for the dust raised by our farts in your general direction.

And here's the NuLab answer to your helpful suggestion:


In brief - people who grit the roads themselves "might" end up liable for any accidents that occur because it wasn't done properly.

Not - naturally - the incompetent drivers who went too fast or had no idea how to drive in slippery conditions, oh dear no, we couldn't possibly ask them to take responsibility for their actions, not in Broon's Britain.

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