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Less Gollywog more Porridgewog

Carol Thatcher banned from BBC's The One Show for 'golliwog' comment - Telegraph

Not following tennis it seems I was wrong in surmising who the "golliwog" was; Noah it wasn't him, it was Andy Murray (apparently), who I believe is a British White tennis player when he is winning but otherwise is a Scottish whiner.

So is the reason the BBC and the Fat Boy are refusing to name him because it makes the whole row even more ridiculous?

Update : Iain Dale says it wasn't Murray but doesn't say who it was...


The crime, it seems, was the word itself. Intent and context are irrelevant. Therefore you are now a thought criminal (twice over as you spelled it two different ways) and - by golly - so am I. I cannot feel that the peculiar status of a black rag doll over the equally non-representative artistry of a white rag doll is in itself racist. But then I get a grip on myself and return to real life where thought crimes are just words that can never hurt me and those who see them differently are pathetic losers.

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