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Nanny claims people love nanny

BBC NEWS | Health | Why we need more nannying
Dr Alan Maryon-Davis - President, UK Faculty of Public Health

Is the government 'nannying' us too much? Is it trying too hard to micro-manage our health?
I say firmly - no....
I see an increasing acceptance that we, all of us, need not only more information and guidance from government, but also more legislation to save us from ourselves....
We need to press for more legislation to improve and protect health and well-being.
We've been largely successful with the tobacco industry, and now it's time to shift the focus onto alcohol and junk-food.
What next? I would like to see a ban on smoking in cars with a child on board and a ban on displays of cigarettes in shops. I would like to see a real hike in tax on alcohol and a ban on deep price-cuts for booze. I would like to see a wider ban on junk-food adverts around TV programmes watched largely by children.
I would like to see …. Oh, a whole raft of other legislation for health.
This is not 'nannying'. This is responsible government acting on behalf of a consenting public.
Campaigns, guidelines and voluntary codes aren't enough. We need more laws to ensure that the world in which we live, work and play will help promote and protect our health.

We need a big stick to curb the worst excesses of the various commercial interests who shape our lifestyle.

And the biggest commercial interest that shapes our lives is the "health" industry and people like you Dr Alan; and I have a very big stick in mind suitable for curbing you and your fascist tendency.


The UK what of public what? They're not another one of these fake charities, are they?

Dr Alan Maryon-Davis was in the 'novelty' entertainment troupe Instant Sunshine, along with the late Miles Kington. I'm sure Miles would be turning in his grave if he could read that Stalinist tosh. What an utter prat. Why are doctors so dangerous to our health?

From a quick look at the accounts, yes they are funded by the Department of Health. They are - 263894 - JOINT FACULTY OF PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE ROYAL COLLEGES OF PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM.
In their 2007 accounts, last page, "Teaching Public Health Networks - Incoming Resources £1M".
That's these -
Nine regional Public Health Teaching Networks were established in the autumn of 2006. The Networks are funded by the Department of Health until March 2009 and aim to:

Enhance the knowledge of everyone who can improve Public Health through the sphere of influence of their work

Create health promoting Universities and Colleges

Fake. Done!

Stick? 12-gauge, more like.

more fuel to the fire, boy is this country going to explode eventualy.
communism has always lost, and these commies are going to be reminded the hard way.

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