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The View from the Country

Country people got over the affront and carried on - Times Online
The Hunting Act is becoming like those statutes introduced by the Puritans to stop dancing on Christmas Day: one day Parliament will get round to tidying it off the statue book, but until then it is arcane and irrelevant to modern life. It is difficult to remember why everyone got so worked up. But then, the countryside marches were never just about hunting. They were motivated by fairness.

Rural people thought new Labour – its seats in the industrial North, its heart in metrosexual Islington – had got it in for them....But now that the froth has blown off the metropolitan cappuccino and the second-homers are selling up, the countryside – used to belt-tightening and soldiering on, credit crunch or no credit crunch – isn’t quite such the poor relation it was.


I blogged about my continued opposition to hunting with dogs today and sparked quite a debate. Rural dwellers might claim ripping animals apart or shooting them is all about fairness, but I beg to differ.

It's hardly about "fairness" when the Reynard is outnumbered 100 to 1 by the beastly hounds.

I thought it was more about one section of society dictating how another should live.

What next? Ban fishing? Stop ratting and make the use of mousetraps illegal? Eating meat should be illegal because we can all live perfectly well as vegetarians. Or are only cute looking animals to be protected?

I've never quite understood how usually the same right-on liberal sort of folk who are so against fox hunting are usually the ones who are pro-abortion; like it's part of the Leftie's Catechism.

The life of vermin is more dear to them than that of a human. Now that's hardly fair.

Good blog!

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