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Snow Clearing Competition

Through the good offices of Tim Worstall my observations about how snow clearance in these rural parts used to happen were, via Nigel Farage, broadcast to the audience of Question Time (first response to first question). Briefly I pointed out that in the bad old days lots of small contractors were given the job using their own equipment.
One point I didn't make was that this ensured there was competition to actually clear the snow. I remember being up at five and racing round the lanes finding snow to clear before the other farmers finished milking and came out with their diggers. I cleared more snow than them earlier so I got paid more.
Of course now the council only allow their own staff to clear roads this keenness to clear roads is no longer; in the case of the roads around here the council didn't clear the roads today and nobody else was allowed to so nothing happened.


You should live somewhere where the council are organised. We had snow on Tuesday night, the road on this estate was ploughed and gritted some time before I got up. The pavements were all ploughed and gritted before lunchtime (usually earlier than that).


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