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Snowman Outrage - Phocomelics up in arms (if they could)

Are they taking the piss? Everywhere you look there are crude caricatures mocking the disabled - we demand an apology an angry phocomelus pressure group demanded. Are the Distillers behind it?
Where is the Sunday Times insight team when you need it?



Late off-topic Buddy Holly 50th Anniversary Plane Crash Do In Clear Lake, IA, report: My girlfriend and her son got back here to Easton, MN, after three days (!) down there, and Mickey says the number of Brits attending was really something...in fact, the hall was swept with sequential rumors of surprise visits by McCartney, this or that Stone, and so on (I think they was all there in mufti, as Iowa Corn Farmers In Winter!) Anyway, meanwhile, she got loads of snaps of various teeshirts being worn by divers reps of English and UK fan groups. Imagine flying HERE in the dead of WINTER, even for Buddy Holly...gosh!

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