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Truscott Towers

'Peer for hire' Lord Truscott grabs £70,000 housing perk - Times Online
LORD TRUSCOTT, one of four peers named in the “lords for hire” scandal, has taken at least £70,000 in allowances for overnight accommodation in London while staying at his home in the capital.
He uses the allowance to maintain a £700,000 flat he owns in Mayfair, central London, with his Russian wife, Svetlana.

Revealed: The secret Soviet past of Labour peer at centre of sleaze row | Mail Online
At the time they married, Lady Truscott was an active member of the Communist Party and her father was a senior Red Army officer at a secret military institute connected to the Soviet equivalent of the SAS.

Must be a love match made in heaven, I wonder what first attracted her to the balding shortarse with a title and ready source of influence and cash? Will she get to keep the house as well as the jewels?


Wonder if she's started him on the homemade Russian mushroom soup yet?

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