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Frying tonight

Secondhand cooking oil in green heating trial - Times Online
Secondhand cooking oil is being used to heat homes and schools in an experiment designed to help householders to cut down their carbon emissions.
Biofuel derived from used vegetable oil and tallow has been mixed with kerosene and fed into domestic boilers for the world’s first trial of renewable heating oil.
Initial results from the trial, in and around the market town of Reepham, have delighted researchers, who said it was proving as efficient as fossil fuel while emitting less than half as much carbon dioxide. The trials are being led by the University of East Anglia’s Low Carbon Innovation Centre, the Clean Energy Consultancy and the oil industry.

The world's first trial that is unless you count the thousands of people round the world who have been doing this for years - but if we did that then what would be the point of University of East Anglia’s Low Carbon Innovation Centre?


The worlds first trial by enviroplonkers from East Anglia, is perhaps what they meant to say.

So, the plan is to burn this oil instead of, er... burning it?

Or what would happen to it otherwise?

Cooking oil does not produce CO2 when burned? These people have never been near my kitchen...

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