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Show Trial Time

Senior bankers face MPs for live television grilling - Telegraph... many MPs will be expecting an apology.

Now where have we seen senior managers forced to make apologies in television for mistakes before being sent to the countryside for reducation in the past? No of course such silly Maoist ideas have no place in modern Britain...

Bankers should do charity work in poor communities to make amends for the credit crunch, David Cameron has said.


The government and the rest of the ruling political class are so delighted to stand and point an accusatory finger at the bankers. The bankers, intimidated and full of guilt so look the part, standing there and confessing their sins. Rotweilers need to be kept on a leash, and game players given a book of rules to play any game. The political class distracts the lumpen proletariat from the exhaustion of having to think about what the truth might be.The wholely corrupt political ruling class with their snouts in the trough are so practised at deception. It is they who are solely responsible for the banking crisis having micromanaged the destruction of the FSA and the Bank of England by inserting their placemen in the controlling positions, and removing the sluice gates which control the financial and economic life of our country. The two main opposition parties have failed to oppose the ignorant and idle ruling scottish mafia which are going to destroy us .

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