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Jacquiii; A Politician for Our Age

Jacqui Smith is a symptom of our consensus of cowardice - Telegraph
It is a measure of our cynicism about politicians and our archaeologically low expectations of them that there should have been so little outrage about the expenses of Jacqui Smith, our Home Secretary. There is no suggestion that Miss Smith has broken any law, or even rule. It was not that long ago when such behaviour – very much within the letter of the law, but far from within its spirit – would have been condemned and those responsible would have been hounded out of Parliament for it. Now, a great officer of state and other MPs can indulge in it. With all the resignation imposed upon us by experience we shrug our shoulders, and the MPs
carry on pretending they are fit to rule us.

No suggestion at all that the fat faced porker has been filling her fat face illegally at the taxpayer's trough, oh no.


You can just tell by looking at her that she probably wasn't a very good economics/business studies teacher, can't you? Whatever gave her the idea that she could hold down one of the great offices of state really does say something about the delusional state of her mind. I used to work with a woman like her who was convinced she had no limits to her abilities. Sadly her ambition was way higher than her level of talent. Same here, I think.

Well it will probably turn out that in fact she has not broken the law.

The difference between now and earlier times, though, is that politicians used to accept that they had to act within the spirit of the rules, not just the letter. In other words, as my grandfather used to say, they knew how to go on.

Nowadays, they don't know how to go on, they don't care that they don't know, they don't care that we care that they don't know, and they put the finger up to us because there's sod all we can do about it, all politicians of all parties being indistinguishable in this aspect - and increasingly, in all other aspects too.

Damn and blast the whole lot of them.

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