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Sometimes Punishment Not Understanding Is Called For.

Caustic soda rapists’ sentences to be reviewed - Times Online
The jail sentences of three men who gang-raped a 16-year-old girl and doused her in caustic soda, leaving her disfigured, are to be reviewed to decide if they were unduly lenient.
Baroness Scotland of Asthal, the Attorney-General, referred the cases of Rogel McMorris, 18, jailed for nine years, Jason Brew, 19, and Hector Muaimba, 20, both jailed for six years, to the Court of Appeal. The victim, who had a mental age of 8, was attacked in Tottenham, North London. The rapists used their mobile phones to record the girl’s suffering and hoped that the caustic soda, a powerful corrosive, would destroy evidence. They also poured water on her, intensifying the burning.

Six years would be about the right length of time if I was in charge of their gaoling, the sorry remains of their flayed corpses would be ready to be cut down by then. But then scum like that make me come over all medieval....


The only thing you can do with some people is kill them and move on. This is an almost perfect example of the genre.

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