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Cowards and Appeasers

Anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders refused entry to Britain - Times Online
Mr Wilders, 45, an MP in the Netherlands, caught a British Midlands flight from Amsterdam this afternoon brandishing his passport and boarding pass. He said he would have to be physically restrained from entering the country. “I’ll see what happens at the border. Let them put me in handcuffs,” he said.
”It is easy to invite people you agree with, it is more difficult to invite people you disagree with and this is the proof of the pudding," he said.
"I am going to Great Britain because I was invited by another politician (Lord Pearson of Rannoch). I am a democrat, I am serving freedom of speech. They are not only being nasty to me they are being nasty to freedom of speech.
He added: "They (the British government) are more Chamberlain than Churchill."
The Home Office decision to refuse Mr Wilders entry on account of his views provoked Maxime Verhagen, the Dutch Foreign Affairs Minister, to call David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, to protest at the decision. “The fact that a Dutch parliamentarian is refused entry to another EU country is highly regrettable,” Mr Verhagen said.

Lord Pearson asked Home Office minister Lord West of Spithead: “Do you think this situation would occur if Mr Wilders had said ban the Bible. If it would not have occurred, why would it not have occurred? ...The violence is coming from the Jihadist, the violent Islamist, and surely the Government in doing what it has done is therefore guilty of appeasement.”

Lord West replied: “I certainly don’t think we are guilty of appeasement in any way whatsoever. I don’t want to go down the route of discussing a hypothetical case of what if he talked about this, what if he talked about that.”
He told peers: “Under European law a member state of the European Economic Area may refuse entry to a national of another EEA state if they constitute a threat to public policy, public security or public health.”


Indeed m'Lud, a State "may refuse entry" to a non-citizen. Without even the proviso of being a "member" of the EU - certainly Iran could deny entry to this person, without being a member of your club.

But it is MAY refuse, not shall. I submit, your reasons are most likely to be financial: protection of the person of this person might well run into a bit more than pocket change, with only minor benefit. Unlike, say, allowing entry to a Mugabe or a Chavez.

A threat to public security?

How about Vitas Plytnykas? Convicted this week of the murder and dismemberment of Jolanta Bledaite for her savings. He'd already been convicted of manslaughter in Germany in 2000, after stabbing someone to death.

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