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Strong and sweet

Prince Harry ...his commanders in the Army called him to "an interview without coffee" .
The Prince has been ordered to attend a racial equality and diversity course, for the second time.

"without coffee" - well they could hardly ask him how he likes it; "White or black?", could they?



Your humour is priceless! Whatever you do, don't temper it!

Worthy of a high score on sickipedia.

My but England has gone strange. How do they handle the WW2 nomenclature - no krauts, jerries or japs anymore?
An army that doesn't bother people of another race etc must be rather inert.

It'll really hit the fan if he ever runs into Jerry Adams somewhere and hauls off and says "bogtrotter!"

Without coffee? My god that's damn harsh. Harry probably has a case against them under the HRA. The Army is a cruel world.

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