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Doomed, I say Doomed!

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Global warming 'underestimated'
The severity of global warming over the next century will be much worse than previously believed, a leading climate scientist, Professor Chris Field, has warned.
....Speaking at the American Science conference in Chicago, Prof Field said fresh data showed greenhouse gas emissions between 2000 and 2007 increased far more rapidly than expected.
"We are basically looking now at a future climate that is beyond anything that we've considered seriously in climate policy," he said.
Prof Field said the 2007 report, which predicted temperature rises between 1.1C and 6.4C over the next century, seriously underestimated the scale of the problem.

So he is claiming emissions rose "far more", emissions are estimated but luckily we have an old family firm on a volcano in the Pacific that publish what they think CO2 levels actually are, and I can't see any unexpected rises. And Watts Up points out another small problem with this BBC alarmism:

Chris Field is not a climate scientist, as they claimed. He is actually a Professor of Biology in an Ecology Department. So how does the BBC choose their headlines? In matters of global warming, apparently the apocalyptic words of one American ecologist overrule those of the UK’s own government climate scientists at The Met Office. Chris Field clearly does not have any credentials to be making the climate claims the BBC reported.


Terrific book. Short and clear. Good diagrams. Up to date real science.

But, yes, junk science is what will kill us.

If emissions are increasing massively, why are temperatures cooling? Sounds like a duff theory to me.

"But recent climate studies suggest that the fourth assessment report underestimated the potential severity of global warming over the next 100 years. "We now have data showing that from 2000 to 2007, greenhouse gas emissions increased far more rapidly than we expected, primarily because developing countries, like China and India, saw a huge upsurge in electric power generation, almost all of it based on coal," Field said."

He is saying emissions, rather than atmospheric CO2 levels, which is probably right, but that begs the question of why haven't CO2 levels risen unusually as well, as you point out re Mauna Loa. It actually shows that our carbon emissions are not the drivers of atmospheric CO2 levels and that in spite of these rising emissions of "greenhouse gases"
temeperatures have done sod all, or have gone down. They seem incapable of drawing logical conclusions from their own data.

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