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Tory Millions - Where the Money Goes

Amazon villagers get Conservative party windfall for saving rainforest - Times Online
A REMOTE community in the Amazon stands to be given millions of pounds to stop cutting down its rainforest after being chosen by both the Conservative party...
A total of 322 families living in the Juma reserve in the Brazilian state of Amazonas will each receive a monthly allowance in return for pledging zero deforestation. Each family had to attend a workshop on climate change and commit to zero deforestation and to send their children to school. They were then given a forest cash-card credited with 50 reais (£15) per month.
The Tories decided to support the project after a visit in December by Greg Barker, shadow environment minister, on a fact-finding mission. “Nothing we can do to fight climate change will succeed unless we can reverse the alarming deforestation across the world,” he said.
It will be announced this week as part of a Conservative climate change campaign.

If I promise not to cut down any rainforests this month will the Tories give me money to stay in bed?


This just goes to show that under Cameron the tories are jst as useless, unscientific, kneejerk, gesture politicians as are Labour. The only possible saving grace would be if they are committed to dismantling at least some elememnts of the Labour police state. If not, it would be better for Labour to stay in power until a true tory comes along.

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