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Mr Ed's Climate Police Will Come Calling

Energy experts to visit every home to help them go green - Telegraph

"The Great British Refurb" will fit every home in need of insulation in the roof or walls by 2015. By 2030 every home will be offered a "whole house" green refurbishment, including fitting renewable heat technologies like ground source heat pumps and solar panels.
Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said teams of energy advisers would go around "house by house, street by street" to advise people how to improve their homes.
Loans would then be made available to pay for the new technologies, that can cost thousands of pounds.
It is not yet decided how the massive programme will be funded but it is expected a large amount of money will come from a levy on energy companies that will ultimately be passed onto consumers.
"We cannot afford not to act," he said. "

What fun dinner must have been in the Miliband household; the old man Adolphe was a Marxist illegal immigrant always grumbling about the Americans, David would have been banging his rattle in his high chair until he went to University and Ed is obviously named after and is as bright as a talking horse.

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Dear Tim,

FAULT - you are showing the wrong end of the horse ! I can't hear him.

Alan Douglas

Dear Tim,

FAULT - you are showing the wrong end of the horse ! I can't hear him.

Alan Douglas

Dave and the other arseholes are soon to be consigned to the dustbin...green of course.

Ground source heat pumps?

Wonderful things but has he the slightest idea of what they cost? Or the slightest idea of the fact that you need a LOT of land area (unless you plan on just creating a small local iceberg).

These people are completely and utterly away with the fairies. The only thing we can hope for is that by the time they get round to doing anything, the wheels will have completely fallen off the Global Warming scam and everyone will just laugh at them.

Trouble is, being The State, they will probably carry on regardless even then.

Yes, you Brits will need that insulation for when the current ice age glaciation returns in a few years.

Anyone remember Mike & Bernie Winters?

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