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A National Disgrace

Save Bletchley Park: Why I'm ashamed to be British - Dr Sue Black - Telegraph
Bletchley Park needs sustained government funding to preserve it. But then of course we’re in an economic downturn - so how could the government afford it?
Well, here’s a comparison. In the short term Bletchley Park needs £10 million, which is a pittance compared to how many millions, or is it billions now, that have recently been given to the banks? And how much more than the original estimate is being spent by us on the Olympics?

Dr Sue Black is Head of Department of Information and Software Systems at the University of Westminster. She blogs about saving Bletchley Park here.

A cause we should support.


Surely the point of Bletchley Park was not so much the buildings (which afaik were actually pretty grotty even when in use) but the people and the things that happened there?

The people are mostly gone now, and the attitudes and approaches that made them successful have long been suppressed by NuLab political correctness.

Seems to me it would best be left to fall down, with a sign outside saying "We're not allowed to do stuff like this any more, due to Health and Safety, and in case the enemy is offended."

Oh, and another one saying "Dangerous building, keep out"

It is reported elsewhere that they are spending £2 million on rehousing six gipsy families moved from the Olympic site.

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