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Abolish Private Property to Create Jobs

Letters to The Editor -Times Online
Dear Sir
...The Marine and Coastal Access Bill, currently being debated in the House of Lords, will create a continuous route for walkers around the coast. It would provide an annual boost of up to £128 million to coastal businesses and create an estimated 11,300 jobs. Britain has a window of opportunity to bring her coastline alive again. If this rare opportunity is to be grasped, there must be full public and cross-party support for this visionary Bill.

Adrian Morris
Head of Walking Environment
The Ramblers’ Association

11,000 jobs (though only paying £10 grand) who could possibly be so curmugeonly to object to this benefit cost? It only involves the confiscation without compensation of private property rights so even the Tories can hardly be worried about that as they happily did it to Leaseholders when they were in power.


"will create a continuous route for walkers around the coast."

That's got me intrigued that has. I wonder how they propose to walk across the Thames Estuary.

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