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Pay to Save

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Tax increases for 'super council'
Page last updated at 15:57 GMT, Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Councillors in Cornwall have agreed an average 2.6% council tax rise to help fund the county's new "super council"...The council tax rise will amount to an extra £23.83 a year on a Band B property.

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Job cuts plan at merged council
Page last updated at 15:36 GMT, Tuesday, 17 February 2009

It is predicted the money saved by creating the new authority will save taxpayers £17m a year.

I bet the poor taxpayers of Cornwall are glad the new council isn't predicting even bigger savings, who knows how high their rates bill would have to be to pay for them.

HT JO - many thanks.


I believe a quarter of all English council tax goes to their gold-plated pensions.

In Scotland, it's a third.

Why is there never a flame-thrower handy when you need one?

So a rate increase is going to SAVE taxpayers money?

For gawdsakes don't tell OUR revolting politicos about that idea...

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