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If you go down to the woods today...

Big thumbs-down for 'private' forests - Scotsman.com News

PLANS to lease out a quarter of Scotland's forest estates have met with opposition from almost three- quarters of people who responded to a Scottish Government consultation, The Scotsman can reveal.
Among reasons for opposing the plans, in the draft Scottish Climate Change Bill, were that it was "tantamount to privatisation" and that public access and use of woodlands could suffer if they were in the hands of private firms whose priority was to make a profit.
Allan MacKenzie, department trade union secretary at the Forestry Commission, said it was time to shelve the proposals.
"We are not surprised at the overall percentage of people against it," he said. "What we are surprised at is the cross section of the population who have taken the time and trouble to voice their opinions as to why leasing is a bad idea."
Jonathan Hughes, head of policy at Scottish Wildlife Trust, said the overwhelming "no" vote sent a very clear signal.

Of 399 people who gave their views on allowing private companies to have 75-year leases for a quarter of Scotland's publicly owned forests in return for £200 million, 71 per cent were against.

So they managed to find 284 socialists still in Scotland running wild in the state owned forests spitting venom against Maggie Thatcher and privatisation. I wonder if there will be a captive breeding program to ensure these relics from an earlier age are preserved for our children to wonder at and the BBC to make documentaries about?


I once had the misfortune to endure an orienteering exercise in a forestry commission wood full of narrow line upon line of conifers. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I've, more than once had, the fortune to go dear stalking in a forestry commission wood. It was freaking superb, and I would recommend it to anyone. ;-)

I've been reading about countries that in the past have gone bankrupt and no longer had the money to pay law enforcement.
Once consequence was that people pretty much ignored rules on the use of private and public property to make a living. Law enforcement became local and for barter in many instances. Some hungry ex military looking to keep their families fed and in shelter would thin out the local "socialists" fairly quickly I would imagine.

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