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Dinton Street View

Driving through Dinton this afternoon I came up behind a strange car with a pole out the roof - a moments thought that it was an intrusive anti privacy cctv setup was dispelled when I noticed the small Google sign on it - Street View being clicked - I hope they didn't catch me eating my sandwich and talking on the phone as I drove along...

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'Google' my arse, 'twas a wandering load of Norfolk 'child-protection' woskers with Trained State Liberallist & God Damn YOU credentials, looking to see whose kids they could knick from off of their pitch...incompetent, dim and dull-normal, dirty, sonsofbitches.

In what way is Google Street View not an "intrusive anti-privacy cctv setup", then?

It's not like you had a choice whether to appear on it or not...

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