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Fac quod dico, non quod facio

Green watchdog red faced over emissions - Scotsman.com News

SCOTLAND'S top environmental watchdog, which urges citizens to fight global warming by reducing the amount of climate-changing gases they produce,... admits that its own emissions rose by a total of almost 10%, or 200 tonnes, last year.

They really do spout a lot of hot air and farts.


More comment from Corinne Evans, she's a real media tart.

Our lekky bill weant up 29% last quarter cos we installed a new ducted air conditioning system, but then we're not trying to cut our emissions, we're trying to live as comfortably as our industry permits. We don't waste energy cos that wastes money which can alternatively be converted into alcohol, but we spend what suits our wants.

Do Scottish people fart?

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