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Big Brother in your Bin

Binmen given computers to build household 'rubbish profiles' that could resurrect plans for £50 bin tax - Telegraph

Waste collection crews are being issued with devices featuring GPS technology that allow councils to store a history of information about individual rubbish collections, including whether householders are failing to recycle properly.
The system feeds binmen with up-to-the minute information about houses they are visiting.
It also provides local authorities with enough information to issue recycling advice or automated fines to residents who fail to obey bin rules.

The bin bugs failed but they won't give up the idea of controlling our habits, the way we live and our bins will they?


What is it about rubbish collection and disposal that attracts the anally-retentive from Brussels to Anytown Burgh Council?

Jeff: I suspect that their interest lies in the fact that rubbish, and the management thereof, touches every single person in the country. Here in the United States, mobs (like the Mafia) concentrated on waste collection, restaurant services (like linen supply), and other humdrum businesses because they were ubiquitous -- providing a much bigger market to exploit than something tonier that affects fewer people. In the same way, many large fortunes are legally made by supplying relatively insignificant items, like paper clips, teabags, and toilet paper, that are used by virtually every single person in the society. Since the ecofascists want to bring the largest number of people possible under their control, they head for the lowest common denominator that will make everyone fall into line. Future efforts to control our behavior, even our thoughts, will be easier once we are trained at the basic level.

in '06 the local council posted to us a letter about the week by "performance" of our street in recycling. I found it quite interesting that it was being tracked. And because the street included only our house and our neighbor, I could see clearly that we were getting black-marks for not having anything to recycle.
I'm sure their assumption was that if we did not put out the green bin we must be mixing recyclables into our general rubbish, but anyone with any knowledge of green issues knows that aside from paper almost all of what you can put in the bins is packaging waste. Any true greenie is also trying to "reduce" their purchases of things with excess packaging and find "reuse" for such packaging that they get. We even shredded most of the paper we got to balance our nitrogen-rich compost heap.
But because they were watching, we made sure that we put out the bin each week with appropriate items in it, even if we had to raid the neighbor's bins to do so.

I've noticed that it is always a council, board, or some anonymous collective that does outrageous things. How about, "mobs" hang "councils," police suspect half the country but their superiors have disappeared and they are waiting for paychecks before investigating.

Pa, I reckon you are right, and you express it well.

Widening the point a little, the excellent Professor John Brignell has, somewhere on his site, a rumination on the politico-religious nature of this nonsense. From memory, his point was that personal sacrifice is essential to the strength of religious belief. So, Lent, Ramadan, Yom Kippur all, in insisting on such actions as fasting, encourage by the personal discomfort greater faith. If you have gone hungry and thirsty for your religion you have to believe it was worth it, and your faithfulness increased.

Envirofascism is a secular religion, insisting on sacrifice, however small like sorting the contents of your bins, or however large like giving up personal transport, so as to reinforce belief.


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