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Who Pressed The Big Red Button?

video: Nasa loses its first CO2 satellite after launch failure - Times Online
The space agency’s first carbon dioxide-monitoring satellite took off on a rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California this morning, but after blasting through the Earth’s atmosphere it fell short of its orbiting height and plummeted back towards the sea.
The orbiting carbon observatory (OCO) satellite was designed to map carbon dioxide on Earth to provide an important step forward for scientists studying climate change.
“For the scientific community it’s a huge disappointment. "....

But an unworthy thought arose that whilst the scientific community might be disappointed the climate change community might be secretly relieved that an independent source of data wasn't going emerge....


How much CO2 did this huge Roman Candle emit as it burned up in the stratosphere?

Priceless. It couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of c*nts

Is NASA considered independent? I'm sure I read somewhere (possibly even here) that read that their "corrections" tend to skew data towards the consensusin a suspiciously consistent way.

The Remittance Man, while Hansen's job is with a subset of NASA neither the agency as a whole nor even his department takes his position[s]. OTOH, neither do they tell him to stop using their names as their rules say they should...

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