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How to impress the Boss

'Sunday best' tradition will be lost within a generation, researchers warn - Telegraph

Sunday Best clothes, traditionally reserved for wearing to church, topped the list of customs falling by the wayside.
A mere six per cent of Britain's under 25s have ever made the effort to wear them on the traditional day of rest.

I'm not sure if this means dressing up to go to church or putting a tie on when going down the pub for a half a mild and a game of dominoes whilst the leg of lamb cooks. I'm not one for bothering the sky pilot much on a Sunday but when I do go to church I dress as though I was going to an interview, which I suppose I am. And I find it very hard to love my neighbour when they are wearing trainers and jeans; and as for hand shaking I carefully position myself to avoid any chance of that.


I have reached the point (in the US, Catholic) that I was not surprised to see a teenage girl wearing plaid flannel pants (PJ type), fur-lined Crocs, and a long t-shirt with some stupid message on it to church a few weeks ago. That, apparently, is Sunday best here. Or Saturday night best.

I don't mind shaking hands, but I do my best to avoid that hand-holding nonsense during the Our Father (known as the Lord's Prayer to you non-Catholics, I believe).


Do you people really think Jesus gave a hoot about what people wore when they came to hear him speak? Should we turn people away from churches who can't afford nice clothes? It is snobs like you who are killing off the Christianity in this country. Why not just accept people for who they are, not for what they're wearing in church?


If you can't be bothered to show just a teensy bit of respect for YLAS* on His day, by dressing up when you pay Him a visit at home, then when, pray tell, would sufficient occasion arise?

I blame "Casual Friday" for starting this nonsense, and may the inventor thereof be forced to wear a polyester leisure suit for the rest of time.

And good grief: I'm an atheist, and when I attend a church service (wedding, funeral etc) I still make sure I'm properly dressed.

*Your Lord And Saviour

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