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Big Job Opportunity for The Remittance Man

Microtrends: gold from sewage - Times Online
• A sewage treatment facility in Nagano, Japan, recently recorded 1,890g of gold per tonne of ash from the sludge it burns up. Not bad, compared to the 20-40g of gold per tonne of ore found in Japan’s largest mine.

Leave behind the dusty veld and long sun downers on the verandah and don the rubber waders and Marigolds if you want to strike pay dirt...


Spare a thought for the poor short legged blokes who were panning for the stuff.

Verandah? Wrong continent, surely. They're stoeps in SA.

Mmmmm. Not a bad bonus considering these guys are presumably paid to deal with the turds of Nagano already. Alas, as ever with journos, there's a bit of a problem that might destroy this as a business plan.

What one needs is the in situ (in shitu?) grade beforeht turds are burnt off.
Otherwise, how does one know how much crap one has to wade through to create one tonne of ash.

Still, it may mean dealing with fewer turds than I do at the moment.

What, waste is burned? Not recycled or stored on old RAF bases?

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