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Divine Lightening?

High earning speed camera sites kept secret after vigilante-style attacks - Telegraph

Safety camera partnerships, the organisations which operate the yellow roadside machines, were accused of resorting to "unnecessary secrecy" after several devices previously named in the media as the most lucrative were set alight, apparently by protesters....

One of the organisations approached, Wiltshire & Swindon Safety Camera Partnership, said that one device close to Stonehenge was attacked just a few hours after it was named as one of the most lucrative in the country last year while another nearby was torched the next morning.
A spokesman added that four cameras in the area had been attacked following a wave of media coverage about how much revenue they were generating.

My lips are sealed in case I start giggling at this wanton vandalism...


There used to be camera at St. John's Cross in East Sussex that was said to be the most lucrative in the South East. The road was diverted away from th School that was the original purpose of installing it, but still it continued in operation bringing in big money. Finally, after many protests, it was removed - but not before it had been necklaced.

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