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Iain Dale - Statist Thug

Iain Dale's Diary: Does Sir Fred Goodwin Have No Shame?

Parliament should act to take it away from him.

Iain, Iain, Iain, wrong, wrong, wrong. If it is his legal entitlement agreed by contract then only the worst sort of politician hoping to appease the mob would enact retrospective legislation to confiscate his private property. I'm sure you will realise that in the morning.

UPDATE - The Devil agrees in his usual forceful way...


"badger faced sock puppet" Ha!

Couldn't read anymore after that through the tears of laughing too much.

I fully agree. Rules is rules & the law is the law. However, it says more about Sir Fred's integrity that he accepts the boot & £700,000 a year without any apparent humility, & or guilt, or sense of responsibility, & perhaps if he had made a conciliatory gesture by offereing to renegotiate his pension the masses may not be baying for blood! GB letting it be known that HE is going to get the money back is simply pandering to the media mob.

This is a prime case of senior people not taking reponsibility for their actions. When these people are offered lucrative contracts, it seems they are inseparably linked to a series of huge pay-offs one way or the other whether they succeed through their contract period, or fail within it. What is the point?

Personally I would say, "Dear Gordon, This is my address in the Bahamas, have a nice life..."

If he should give up half his pension because he brought a successful enterprise to its knees due to some ill-considered decisions and bad judgement, I assume Gordon will do the same.

I wonder what what happened to the rest of the Board and all the non-execs? Strangely quiet methinks.

I thought inflation was falling. This pension started off at £650K, it went to £675K yesterday, by last evening it had reached £690K and this morning it had made it to £700K.

It's an even better deal than it seemed at first sight.

As someone pointed out to Mr Dale in his comments, we don't do Bills of Attainder anymore.

Sir Fred is not only a solipsistic nincompoop, he is the very archetype of a certain type of character in our post-contemporary rubbish tip, hence the knighthood. We do not knight chaps for being egregious. Being hived off in some little computerised moiety and hence out of touch with the rest of the coons is another matter, of course. Be that as it may, I quite expect that I am (in American) "pissed off" about this cluck mainly out of cheap envy (mine) about the cash (his), and that is because I simply didn't manage to make MY tics and megrims pay off even half so well. This however is not the basis for any legitimate case in law that I for one either recognise or respect....

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