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MPs want to control your searching

Politicians have urged the Government to put an end to Google’s dominance of the online search advertising market, calling for the matter to be referred to the Competition Commission.

Twenty-nine MPs have signed an Early Day Motion outlining their concerns. The motion, tabled on February 11, has the support of 25 Labour MPs, one Conservative MP, two Liberal Democrats, and a member of the Scottish National Party.

“On the internet, competition is literally one click away,” said a Google spokesman. “We have to prove our value to our users and advertisers every day, because if they’re unhappy with Google, there’s nothing preventing them from switching to another search engine.”

Quite, what do the MPs suggest, that we are rationed to only using Google for every other search? One day a better search engine will come along, as Altavista and Yahoo found out, both were near monopolies once....


No doubt, soon to be followed by taxpayer money being thrown at some kind of state competitor to Google.

A bit like this German and French project.

If monopolies are unhealthy where is the competition in taxes and public services?

It would be Bumley. The only sensible thing he ever did was to marry the fragrant Ginny.

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