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Bootlegging it into Scotland

SNP booze blitz steams ahead - Scotsman.com News

MINISTERS are to press ahead with a crackdown on sales of cheap alcohol in a move that could be fast-tracked through Parliament in as little as six months, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.
In the biggest shake-up of alcohol laws for years, the Government is expected to confirm tomorrow that cut-price drink offers will be banned, minimum prices on alcohol imposed and a higher age limit set on off-sales.
A minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol, as advocated by health campaigners, would result in rocketing prices. A two-litre bottle of cider, currently priced at around £3, would cost £7.50. Wine would also increase in price, with a £3 bottle of wine possibly rising to a minimum of £5.
The controversial plan to increase the age limit for off-sales to 21 is to remain in the proposals, despite opposition from students.
Scotland on Sunday understands that ministers may seek to place some of the measures – such as the ban on "Buy One Get One Free" deals – in the existing 2005 Licensing Act, which is due to come into force in September.
The Act enshrines "protecting and improving public health" as a key objective of all licensing decisions, so the Government may argue that it gives the power to ban cheap drink offers. The same logic could also be applied to plans to impose minimum pricing.

Another example of a law passed for one purpose being used for another without parliamentary scrutiny.

And how are they going to police cross border sales? Will they confiscate Mr FM's hip flask as he travels north to go shooting?


If this does go through I expect a couple of things to happen.

Firstly, magistrates in Cumberland and Northumberland will be inundated with applications for new off-sales licenses. In response, JockPlod will demand more money to combat the sudden increase in cross border booze smuggling; this will not be forthcoming so resources will be taken from other areas. Finally, the statist bastards in Holyrood will demand that their illiberal laws are implemented south of the border; doubtless with some success if NuLabour remain in power much longer.

What won't happen is the desired reduction in the amount of booze the Jocks consume.

Sounds like this bill is actually intended to protect small off licences from their supermarket competitors rather than improve health.

Perhaps Alex Salmond has a relative that owns a chain of off licenses?

Or could it be something to do with this? Norfolkline to resume Rosyth-Zeebrugge ferry service in May 2009. This ferry route, the only one from Scotland to the continent, was closed last year by a different operator because it wasn't profitable. This bill should provide just the boost Norfolkline need to make this route a success.

God has turned His face from us.

Englishman, surely your last sentence should read... "Will they (try to) confiscate Mr FM's hip flask as he travels north to go shooting?

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