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Green Money Plea

How to win the climate war: dig into your pocket for victory | James Cameron - Times Online

Going green will costs billions. The way to raise the money is to issue modern war bonds and raise an army of investors...

ts patriotic duty and dip into its own savings, however meagre, and lend to the Government. The money was specifically used for the war effort. .... I hesitate to link the war against Nazism with the war against climate change but I believe that now is the time for the Government to consider, with urgency, the issue of bonds for another cause - reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere - while at the same time kick-starting the faltering economy....

The Government can help to make this happen. The Treasury can lend a hand. That is what happened in the 1940s. To paraphrase a line from an old poster: “Climate Bonds - the present for the future.” We and our political servants should seize the day. We have no time to lose.

James Cameron is the vice-chairman of Climate Change Capital


They are getting absolutely desperate, aren't they.

One more cold winter and the whole thing could collapse completely.

Relax, you guys...even if this climate hoax goes ALL to Hell, there is still Kanzler Braun's anti-fascist-like "crusade" against the excesses of these banking God-damned fools. Plus there are all sorts of candidates lined up to play The Jew next, to this here clapped out "Special Relationship" that Braun is trying to breath life back into like a corpse in DC today: Fat people, smokers, booze fighters. The Puritan never lacks for foes!

What lunacy, farce, and waste - "someone" should be drawn and quartered for that suggestion, if only to warm the atmosphere ever so briefly.

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