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Half a Cheer for ID Voting Cards

New ruling to force British voters to show ID before voting - Times Online

Every British citizen will soon have to sign a form or show identification before they can vote, the Government has announced.
In an historic shift, which comes after years of campaigning by the Electoral Commission and The Times, the Government finally agreed yesterday to end the system whereby one person in each household names all those eligible to vote in their property.
The Government had resisted the switch out of fear that it would result in a sharp dip in the number on the electoral roll. A similar exercise resulted in a drop in the vote in Northern Ireland. This would be likely to be most pronounced in more deprived areas, which Labour feared would mean a disproportionate effect on their own vote.

Hurrah! About time too - the system has been far too lax for too long, but wait...

The Government will also begin a pilot data-matching scheme to allow electoral registration officers to obtain relevant and restricted data from public authorities such as Revenue & Customs and the Department for Work and Pensions. Mr Wills insisted that the release of data would be “carefully controlled” and subject to a number of safeguards.

Oh! What does that mean? I don't like the sound of that at all....


I assume that "release of data would be carefully controlled and subject to a number of safeguards" is burea-speak for "abandoned in a thumb-drive on the tube"

So Squads of goons can stand around at the polling stations and serve warrants on anyone they ever suspected of anything ?


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