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How to spend £3million on building houses without laying a brick

Eco-towns bill soars to more than £3m before a house is built - Telegraph
Figures show that the Government has spent £3.1million on proposals to build tens of thousands of environmentally-friendly homes in England.
One third of the cash - £960,700 - was spent on PR and communications alone.
A further £820,000 was spent on local authority assessments and £720,000 on "financial assessments".
The Government also spent nearly £80,000 on developing website about eco-towns.

Website? This one or this one, whichever it is yet another example of our money being spunked away on greeny wet dreams.


If anyone on the planet actually agreed with the scheme, they wouldn't have had to spend so much on PR and communications!

It is indeed a shame that the government is wasting taxpayers' money on studies, when in reality the technology already exists to build "eco homes" (loathsome expression).

I am currently involved in a Brazilian government public/private initiative to build thousands of low cost, durable, environmentally sustainable homes for poor families.

The sustainability issue may be anathema to you (and you may have a case), but the real key to this is the speed with which these homes can be built, up to three times faster than traditional methods, which in Brazil, where there is a housing deficit running into the tens of millions, is a serious boon. The UK's housing shortage no laughing matter either, particularly for first time buyers.

Have a look at this clip.

"Eco home" is loathsome to you? What's more to your liking, coal factories?

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