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When Recycling Upsets Greens

Park feeds wolves 'recycled' squirrels - Scotsman.com News

Camperdown Park in Dundee has stepped up its cull of the aggressive rodents in a bid to secure the future of their red cousins. To enhance the scheme's eco-friendly credentials dozens of the dead creatures are being "recycled" by being fed to the wolves and eagles in adjacent animal enclosures.

Park bosses claim the policy is a common sense way of making the best of a nationwide offensive against grey squirrels.

But the move has left a nasty taste in the mouths of some animal rights activists... who believe that wolves and eagles really prefer tofu sandwiches made with stone ground organic spelt flour.


Mmmmmm.....organic spelt.

Sorry any 'animal rights protestor' that has a problem with predators eating prey should be fucking well shot. Fucking Dicks.

Ross Minett "... in their natural environment are predators that are unlikely to hunt squirrels in the first place."

You're right, apparently they are supposed to stalk either the wild Tofu Beast or elephants.


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