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Hush, hush whisper who dares, Here's a Tory idea that works.

Councils poised to hand running of care and education to private firms - Times Online

Local services face a new wave of privatisation across England as a Conservative council leads moves to put contracts worth billions of pounds out to private tender.
Essex County Council is one of a growing number of authorities, mainly Tory-led, that intend to outsource all or most of their services to save funds, including schools management, social care, roads and libraries.
Essex, which has shortlisted two companies for a £5.4 billion contract over eight years, is regarded as having developed the blueprint for town halls under a Conservative government.

Case study: Hammersmith and Fulham
When the ruling Conservative Group at Hammersmith & Fulham Council reviewed the efficiency of its council-run cleaning service last year, the result was less than impressive.
According to Stephen Greenhalgh, leader of the West London council, thousands of pounds were being wasted through ineffective management and other “Spanish practices”. “We were providing a Cinderella service when it was done in-house. And it was costing the council a significant amount of money,” he told The Times .
In January the council tendered its school cleaning service to a private company. “We’ve got a better service and it’s costing us a lot less,” he said.

Cue howls of protest from the town halls and it won't be official Tory Policy as it is too contentious but at last a real Tory policy that reflects Tory ideals and provides real benefit.


Would the "Spanish practices" include sweeping streets in Wandsworth that Hammersmith & Fulham residents claim possession of?

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