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Gordon's Arselicking Gestures

Arise, Sir Ted Kennedy :: Toby Harnden

Senator Ted Kennedy is to be conferred the honorary title of "Sir Ted" by Her Majesty the Queen.
I'm told that Gordon Brown will use his speech to the joint session of Congress on Wednesday to make the announcement of the Senator's elevation to Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) to mark his "services to the US-UK relationship and Northern Ireland". For decades the now ailing Senator from Massachusetts, 77, was a vehement critic of the British presence in Northern Ireland and worked hard to sever it from the rest of the United Kingdom. Some British diplomats viewed him as an enabler of the IRA...
The gesture by Mr Brown is, of course, part of the Prime Minister's courtship of President Barack Obama. The "lion of the Senate", first elected in 1962, broke ranks with the rest of the Democratic establishment in February last year to endorse Mr Obama over Hillary Clinton.

I thought Gordon's team running round the White House begging for Gordon to be acknowledge that he is "Besty Friends" with The Messiah was embarrassing enough but for our Glorious Empire's name to be dragged so low; and it has been dragged fairly low before but this is a new low; by being used to bribe the Obamaweenies by rewarding the murderous old fraud for his years of bile and hate is stomach churning.


Some predicted more troops being sent to Afghanistan as Broon's payment to Obama for the photo-opportunity but perhaps they got it wrong and this is the "payment".

We should remember Mary Jo Kopechne when this man is knighted.

If this disgrace to humanity gets an honorary knighthood, all other knights should hand in their insignia and call an end to the whole tainted charade. I shall certainly be forced to refuse my "K" when it comes through now. Damn. And Mrs P. was so looking forward to being Lady P.


Not sure if the old traditions are still practiced, but if the sword is tapped on his shoulders, could you cut off his head?

For his services to underwater car-driving ?

The only saving grace, okay, couple of saving graces, are that he's gonna die before he can get invested, and he can't (by law) be referred to as "Sir Edward" Over Here.


Couldn't we have given it to Ian Paisley or Gerry Adams instead as they have done far more to promote peace in Northern Ireland?

I believe the British Ambassador in Washington would deliver the honorary knighthood at the Embassy. But they should just send it by DHL and get him to sign for it in case he loses it in the river driving home.

I wonder if one of the tabloids could get lots of readers to write or EMail Buckingham Palace to say that they do not want to be considered for a Knighthood in the future because of this supporter of terrorism being given a KBE?

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