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Telegraph Appeasers

Princess Anne visit to Gibraltar stirs up tensions - Telegraph

HRH Princess Anne arrived in Gibraltar Wednesday on an official visit to the disputed territory that has stirred up old tensions between Britain and Spain.
The Spanish government made an official complaint to British authorities ahead of the royal visit describing it as "inopportune" and an affront to Spain, which contests London's rule over the strategic territory.

"Disputed"? Disputed, as in the way the ownership of my wallet is disputed between me and a hoody late at night. Just because a bunch of grease balls want it doesn't make it disputed. The Telegraph is a bloody disgrace to dignify the attempted theft with the word.


If they gave back Melilla and Ceuta to the Moroccans then you might be able to take the Spanish seriously.

You may find the following link of interest:


Which may well have something to do with Spains 'outrage'

The Spanish have enough separatism problems with their existing territory and should shut up. If the French can tolerate the Channel Islands and Monaco why can't the Spanish grow up.

Well said Englishman... It really is none of Spain's business who visits Gibraltar!!!

For Spanish politicians to call Princess Anne's visit to Gibraltar an 'affront to Spain' is itself an affront to Britain and Gibraltarians... and the height of impertinence.

The British Press... should pay more attention to Gibraltar's 'sensibilities'... and tell Spain where to get off.. and stop giving their whingeing so much coverage!!

As for the Treaty of Utrecht... wake up... it's consigned to history and should no longer have any validity in the 21st century... especially when the people of Gibraltar have consistently and emphatically declared their own freely expressed wishes of self determination... all very democratically.. and we didn't need any al qaeda bombs up our asses to do so !!

As I Chronicle... It's about time Spain grew up... and got over it!

Baaaah... they really are tiresome and exasperating! Where's Drake when you need him!!

"So please your Majesty, to singe the King of Spain's beard; it has grown somewhat too long."

Saludos! :)

The problem about treaties is an abiding one.

On one hand, I want the Spanish to eat their current words regarding a Treaty (Utrecht) which they freely signed, and which ceded Gibraltar "for all time and for ever" to us.

On the other hand, I want Britain (if not that then England) to tear up Rome and the SEA, so we can _leave_ the EU freely and without let or hindrance.

On the third hand is the principle of "self-determination". This is fine so far as it goes, as it will permit the Gibraltarians to decide whether they want to be Spanish or British or simply Gibraltarian (or even Moroccan if the fancy took them.) This might be good, for it will concentrate the minds in Madrid about places such as Catalonia, the "Basque country", Leon and the rest. Spain is not as unitary as it looks and never has been.

Let's propose a deal:-

We'll tear up Utrecht (and possibly another nugatory one somewhere which might have irritated the Dons) if they let us tear up Rome, SEA, Maastricht and Nice. In retunr for us being so kind, they have to abide by a referendum of Gibraltarians.

Hmm...sounds like what my late maternal Emmett Jacobson (d 1980 aetat 60) of rural Eagle Lake, MN, used to call "...just another bitching point."

Law and military historian Philip Bobbitt says in any case that all of these modern age and nation-state treaties are played out, hence effectively nuncupatory merely, and that it is now a matter of shares-for-votes, or "market states." (Bobbitt is one of these highly not-conservative NeoCon claim jumpers, can you tell?)

Anyhow, sentiment aside, Gibralter seems to me analogous to New Mexico or something, and I personally don't give rat's behinder if us white people here pull back North of the Ohio and East of the Mississippi and let the Mexicans have the rest -- and, China California for that matter, these post-1846 accretions are unnatural growths, cost too much and are a nuisance. On the other hand if your hearts are set on it, I don't mind people getting what they want, be it "good and hard" as Old Mencken said once of "democracy." The trouble is that we European-American types /belong/ in these nice cool rainy Atlantic climates. On the other hand it all is what the Sufis doubtless would call a fairly harmless diversion and lets us blow off some steam....

Of course I am prejudiced, as Mickey and I have just been held up $450 (!) for a boiler "control panel" that a Chinaman could squeeze out of a mold for 95 P, and WE frankly are trying to get shut of some of this God-damned "real" estate!

The Swiss alone appear to have figured out a modus vivendi, positively hate one another and yet manage to go on with it, and that despite these dreadful hapsburgizing EU cruds. (These same ravine Germans are among my maternal forebears, can you tell?)

I seem to recall that one of the provisions of the treaty of Utrecht was that Britain could swap ownership of Gibralter with the (Spanish) ownership of Florida at any time.

So all we have to do is exercise this option - and when the hidalgos fail to deliver, it is they who have broken the treaty.

As Florida is distinctly South of the Ohio, this is no skin off my fanny...welcome aboard! (Of course it means also reversing more than a few of the fishy doings of President Madison and that ilk, Henry Adams /qv/.)

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