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We'll Keep The Red Flag Flying For Global Warming

Winterslow.jpg 5th March 2009 the Southern bit of Wiltshire was unexpectedly blanketed, icy hills to climb made spring seem far away. (At the top of this hill it was six inches deep).

And apologies to Her Majesty and her stout fellows in red berets who would be very cross if they spotted me photographing their red flag. I didn't test their patience by snapping the broken down tank being towed across the road in front of me.

(For those not familiar with Wiltshire a large portion of it is under control of the military for them to play at being soldiers on, lots of bangs and crackles and big boy toys. The red flag pictured was on Porton Down and means keep out. Porton Down is now relabelled as some sort of Public Health Institute, I suppose they fly flags and wave guns to stop trespassers risking catching the snuffles or something.....)


Er, what do they do to stop trespassers stealing red flags then?

They fly a "firing range in use" flag at Porton Down? That scares me lots.

Still it might explain all the ills you say afflict the residents of Pewsey.

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