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£900 fine for not carrying your ID Card

Foreign drivers face £900 roadside fines to halt rise in crashes - Times Online
Foreign drivers will have to pay on-the-spot fines of up to £900 for flouting traffic laws under new legislation to be introduced next month.
If they do not have enough cash or a working credit card their vehicles will be clamped until they pay — and they will face an additional £80 release fee.
The law will also apply to British residents who cannot prove at the roadside that they have a valid address in Britain.

The fines will be described officially as “deposits”..

Nasty foreigners getting away without paying their fines, let's get them! Of course provided you are carrying your British ID Card it won't be a problem to us British, will it....


I'm a bit puzzled with this one.

For UK vehicles, the police have immediate access to registration and insurance details. Therefore the only reason for concern about identity is if they suspect the vehicle is stolen: otherwise they can rely on the registered keeper disclosing who was using the vehicle, or paying up themselves (or impounding a vehicle that is unregistered or uninsured).

For EU drivers, what is it within this near-superstate, that is supposedly such a great benefit to us all, that prevents it from providing the same sort of access to all EU registered vehicles that we can already provide within the UK.

Only for non-EU foreigners, or perhaps those from recent EU accession states that have not been required to get their act in order first, can there be any real need for such 'deposits' against fines.

[Note aside: what is this about driving too close to the vehicle in front being an offence of careless driving. I wish, I really do wish that one was enforced, as more accidents are caused by following to close than are ever caused just by speed.]

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Another cunning way to get people to have ID cards?

"The law will also apply to British residents who cannot prove at the roadside that they have a valid address in Britain."

The myriad of problems with this plan - that British drivers can already be identified by the numberplate, that for EU drivers it's probably illegal under EU law but there isn't the data sharing at the moment, and for non-EU drivers how would the Police know? are all helpful for trying to convince UK people an ID card is useful and trying to convince UK people that EU-wide data sharing is useful.

Neither is true. The cynic in me suspects this plan is designed to fail such that the only solution going is the one the bureauprats want. The optimist in me suspects it is just bureaupratic incompetence.

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