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The Ed and Mandy Show

Green shift demands root and branch changes -
Ed Miliband and Peter Mandelson - Times Online

Imagine somebody telling you that 20 years from now almost everything you do in your life you will do differently. That is how fundamental the transition to a low-carbon economy in the UK will be....

But this is more than a green job creation scheme, or “greening” the recovery. This is about looking beyond the short term, to Britain’s industrial future. Low carbon is not a sector of our economy. It is, or will be, our whole economy and a global market.
While the shift to low carbon requires significant change and adaptation, it also has huge economic and industrial benefits if we combine a strategic approach from government with the dynamism of private enterprise and compete for them. A low-carbon industrial strategy must seize the opportunities that will come with change. That requires a new industrial activism for a new green industrial revolution.

Nice for Ed to have Uncle Peter's guiding hand writing his homework for him. Shake all the buzzwords out of the box and rearrange them however you want Eddy, you still haven't got a clue. Luckily you only have a few months left to strut your stuff...


It's a small matter which despite my contrary efforts, irritates me disproportionaly, but.....
Is it just me, or does the continuing reference to 'Carbon' and not the full 'Carbon Dioxide' annoy anyone else. "What's your carbon footprint?" What an utterly shite question. I haven't got a Carbon Footprint - no one has; however the physical operation of my body produces a daily amount of Carbon Dioxide. Additionally going about my daily business also generates the emission of CO2. Is it laziness by the AGW crowd, or a subtle method to falsely associate the CO2 we breathe out, into the new demon of 'Carbon'? Can't have people thinking of themselves personally as polluters - better to invent a new term to revile.

How I despise Greenies.

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