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Time to get a grip on your train fetish

Commuter journeys "slower than before the war" - Telegraph
Commuters enjoyed faster train journeys into London before the Second World War than they do today, according to new research. ...

All Southeastern trains into London before 9am from the Kent coast and East Sussex were cancelled yesterday because of thick frost and ice. Many other commuters had their journeys disrupted. Up to 3in (8cm) of snow – more than had been forecast – fell overnight near Okehampton, Devon,..

A whole three inches, 200 miles away! No wonder chaos ensued. Trains are 19th Century technology which should have been phased out last century. The invention of the steering wheel made them obsolete. Coaches can carry more people on the same track width, quicker, using less fuel and with the flexibility to drive round problems. Only Freud can explain people's obsession with great long steaming machines, pounding their way under bridges and through tunnels, whoo-whooo!


Sorry, trains are just dead lovely though, 'tis but another case in which, alas, Art trumps mere artifice & the low cunning:


Being a Kent resident who has to drive to work it didn't irk me directly. But their failure to put on ANY coaches, even to a city 12 miles away was gobsmacking. Far too many associates, colleagues and friends lost flexi, annual leave and valuable non productive civil service time because of this!

The protected right of way given to trains is rather nice, and ought to speed journey times significantly over normal road busses. Ottawa Canada has as part of their commuter transit system a protected busway, which seems to work well to speed the buses past local traffic congestion

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