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Pass the Sick Bowl

US foundation names Gordon Brown world statesman of the year | guardian.co.uk

Presenting Brown with a silver honey bowl in the shape of an apple at the British embassy in Washington, the foundation's founder, Rabbi Arthur Schneier, hailed "your courage in defending freedom and human rights ... and also your key intellectual and compassionate leadership in these critical times, when financial upheavals raised societal tensions and international tensions

No comment from me needed. - HT ASI


"The award – previously granted to French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel – will be presented at a ceremony in New York in September."

Ah, I get it. This 'award' has been around only recently, and the fellow who presents it is a brown-noser trying to make friends in high places. The vanity of politicians ensures they will accept.

Mark my words, Obama wins this one next year.

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