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Armed Guards Stood By As Soldiers Died

Security guards stood by as gunmen killed Northern Ireland soldiers - Times Online
Armed security guards employed to protect the military base in Northern Ireland where two soldiers were shot dead did not open fire on the terrorists, even when they stood over the injured men and fired further shots.
Army sources said that it was the first time that the Northern Ireland Security Guard Service (NISGS) had had to deal with a direct attack on a base. The service took over responsibility for security of barracks from soldiers more than ten years ago.
The speed and audacity of the attack not only exposes a gaping hole in the intelligence picture of republican terrorist activity but also raises questions about why barracks throughout the UK are protected by civilians.

Why do I have a feeling the civilians are more like plastic plods rather than Blackwater contractors? What is their training? What are their rules of engagement? How has their effectiveness been tested? Is this just cost cutting? Who is responsible?


To be fair, I wouldn't take on three men armed with AK-47s, either, if all I had was a 9mm pistol.

Now, if we're going to discuss the fact that they were inadequately armed...

Isn't there something intrinsically wrong with the idea of security guards guarding soldiers? Wouldn't there be a basic lack of motivation to risk their lives for their charges where a soldier would be more motivated to protect his brothers?


well.... we have to improve our country security to face the terrorism... increasing the security and putting money on security is like doing insurance to a person....


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