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A lift for Otis

Judge furious as 'witness-nobbling' charges against Otis Ferry are dropped - Times Online
Martin Picton, the judge, described the situation as “nonsensical and farcical”. He had abandoned the original robbery and assault trial in September and remanded Mr Ferry in custody – upon pressure from the Crown Prosecution Service – after hearing the perverting the course of justice allegation. The judge called for Kerry Barker, the prosecution lawyer, who was not in court, to appear before him to give a full explanation.
Judge Picton said he found it breathtaking that the prosecution had reached its present situation after the case had been “vegetating a long time”.Bailing Mr Ferry and Mr Deutsch, he told them: “I am adjourning your case. I can’t tell you until when.”

Mr Ferry told The Independent: "This whole thing could have been avoided. It is not only frustrating, but it is devastating. If you have ever been in prison you will know it is not very nice. I was in prison for four months because the police claimed that their sensitive investigation would be prejudiced if I was out. They thought that I would bully the witnesses but it seems to me that they had me locked up on the say-so of one man. What they accused me of was simply not true and I tried to tell them that but they didn't listen."


Chief constable needs to go.

The hunt ban needs to go. Pointless waste of time.

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